Emergency aid for Esidys in refugee camp

On January 24, we were able to provide 600 families with 40 liters of kerosene each for tent heaters.

Thousands of refugee Esidys live in tents in freezing temperatures. In the course of the last weeks, it has become colder and colder in northern Iraq, snow showers have further aggravated the conditions in the camp. The camp manager then contacted our local team with a request to help alleviate the suffering. Our team sourced the kerosene through a local distributor.

In this way we were able to provide for the poorest 600 families. However, there are many more families in the camp, and so there were some tensions and also disputes during the distribution. Many people in the camp are desperate, especially given the current circumstances. If we get the necessary funds, we will try to provide the rest of the families with heating material as well. Many people cannot afford it because they cannot find work or have to spend the money on sick family members.

Many thanks to all our supporters. Without you, this help would not be possible.


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