More than 300 children in the Essian refugee camp were thrilled to take possession of the new children’s center. “We started with just 60 children more than five years ago,” reports director Helin, ” in the meantime the group has grown to 200 children.”

Last year, we already reported that space was becoming too tight and that an extension of the facilities was necessary. The extension has now been completed. The Hevi (Kurdish: hope) Center has two new classrooms, as well as a paved playground and a covered soccer field. After the reopening, the number of children increased again, with 330 girls and boys now attending the children’s center.

They can continue to take part in various activities there: Art, sport, handicrafts, English and Arabic lessons. In addition to the sporting, creative and academic activities, the children’s well-being is very important to us. These include regular meals, lessons in being mindful and lessons on understanding and coping with trauma-induced feelings and thoughts.

Most of the children were born in the camp and know no other life outside. The children’s center with its new facilities will continue to be an haven of hope.


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