Soforthilfe in Afghanistan

Emergency aid and disaster operations

The urgent need of millions of Afghans fleeing the Soviet invasion was the beginning of Shelter Now’s work.

Internally Displaced people (IDPs) who winter in camps without sufficient food at minus 20 degrees Celsius

War events and natural disasters force people to leave their homes again and again. They save their lives, but then find themselves in huge camps – often without any supply. The local authorities are usually overwhelmed and ask us for help.

Natural disasters do not announce themselves – overnight surprised by an earthquake or a flood, families fight for survival. Terrorist attacks and war events also often result in humanitarian disasters.

Shelter Now staff have dealt with these humanly distressing situations many times before. In order to be able to intervene quickly and effectively in such cases, we must always be prepared and always try to maintain a fund for this purpose.

Please help us to take action!

Our help is only possible thanks to your support!

Internally displaced people(IDPs) in Kandahar, Kabul and Jalalabad

Millions of people have had to flee because of the terrorist threats that have persisted for several years, as well as more and more natural disasters; for example, thousands of families have been staying in camps in Kandahar for years. Since hardly any other organization can help there, we distribute food to these desperate people and dig drinking water wells.

Winter 2018/2019

IDPs are still streaming into the camps. In addition, there are people who have had to flee from terrorists to Pakistan in recent years. We repeatedly receive desperate requests from Jalalabad, Kabul and Kandahar for winter aid for thousands of women, children and men.

Autumn/Winter 2019/20/21

Supported by a donation organization, we were able to provide 1,000 refugee families with food.

In the winter of 2020/21, we again distribute food to hungry families.

Autumn/Winter 2021/22

In Contribution with the WFP our staff distributes food for more than 300,000 people in Herat.

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