How does my donation help?

How we use your donation

At Shelter Now the funds are used efficiently. Almost 90 percent of the international revenues go directly to the projects. The projects also benefit from the public relations work that we finance and also from the fact that we develop new sources of funding. Thanks to a great commitment of volunteers we can keep our administrative costs extremely low, they amount to between 6 and 7 percent of Shelter Now’s international expenses. This clear weighting in favor of the projects and people in need is the basis for the many years of successful work of Shelter Now in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Shelter Now uses your donation effectively. Since 2006, Shelter Now Germany e.V. has been certified by the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) with the donation seal of approval for the efficient and project-related use of funds. The share of advertising and administrative expenses at Shelter Now Germany e.V. in fiscal year 2019 is appropriate according to DZI standards (“appropriate” = 10% to below 20%).

Shelter Now is an international association of sister organizations from different countries. Donations and project funds from the individual countries are concentrated for the aid projects. In this way the support of many individual people in the world is particularly effective.


Since many years Shelter Now Germany is already distinguished with the DZI donation seal, which is assigned after annual examination by the German central institute for social questions (DZI). With the seal, the Institute certifies us “a work in accordance with our statutes.” Advertising and information are true, clear and factual. Procurement and use of funds as well as the financial situation are documented in a comprehensible way. The share of advertising and administrative expenses in the total expenditure is appropriate (“appropriate” = 10% to below 20%) according to DZI standards. A control of the association and its organs is existing.

Annual reports

In the following Shelter Now presents essential information about the work of the association. Here you can, among other things, get an insight into how high our total donation income was, how our funds were used and how our organisation is structured (in german).

Download annual report with financial statement 2020

Download annual report with financial statement 2019

Download annual report with financial statement 2018

Download annual report with financial statement 2017

Download annual report 2016

Download annual report 2015

Public Relations

Shelter Now Germany shapes its public relations work:

  • our website
  • approx. quarterly published newsletters, the Shelter Reports
  • Press releases issued approx. every two months
  • various campaigns, street actions, trade fair appearances
  • facebook
  • Presentations in schools, churches, universities, etc.
  • Participation in Conferences

It is important for us to focus not only on our projects, but especially on Afghan culture, social and political development and to contribute to a better understanding of Afghans and their country. The same applies more and more to Kurdistan and the Kurds.

Shelter Now is an international organization

… with the international office in Germany (Sulzbach-Rosenberg) and national offices in Australia, Germany (Brunswick), Great Britain, the Netherlands and the U.S.A.

The coordination office for all projects financed from Germany is located in Brunswick at the headquarters of Shelter Now Germany, the German branch of the organization. It is also represented in the Netherlands, Great Britain, the USA, Australia, Afghanistan and in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq.

Shelter Now Germany registered association is a registered association, which is recognized as non-profit and carries the DZI donation seal since 2006. The main director is Udo Stolte from Braunschweig (68 years old, married to Sieglinde, 4 children, teacher, has been working with Shelter Now since its foundation and has traveled to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kurdistan many times).

Mayli Tourn from Uruguay leads the work in Afghanistan.

In Pakistan we had to close our office for now.

Since summer 2014 we have been supporting “IS” refugees in Northern Iraq-Kurdistan. This work is directed by Benjamin Wojnar from the Czech Republic.

The International Director is Georg Taubmann from Sulzbach-Rosenberg (65 years old, married to Marianne, 2 children, trained nurse, lived for 16 years in Pakistan, for 8 years in Afghanistan).

In addition to about 20 international employees in the two countries, local employees in varying numbers are also active in Shelter Now projects.

Organization chart and statutes

Shelter Now Germany is a registered association and is recognized by the tax office as a non-profit organization, which is checked every three years.

The executive committee gives account annually to the meeting of the members about the statutory work including the appropriate use of the funds. The accounts are first checked by auditors appointed by the General Meeting, who report to the General Meeting.

Then the income and expenditure account, the balance sheet as well as the bookkeeping on which it is based are examined by an independent auditor who carries out the audit in accordance with the IDW audit standard “Prüfung von Vereinen” (IDW PS 750).

After completion of this process, the DZI examines the purposeful use of funds and the work of the association in accordance with the statutes.

In addition, Shelter Now Germany is subject to regular review by the Board of Curators as an external regulatory body.

Statutes as PDF Download: Click here.

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