Emergency aid in Kurdistan / Northern Iraq

Northern Iraq – Kurdistan

April 2023 – Shelter Now has been working with refugees in northern Iraq for over 8 years now.

Since 2014 we have been working among refugees in Kurdistan – and thus fighting the causes of flight

In the meantime, we have been able to provide many refugees with a variety of essential items. We are truly grateful to our supporters.

In this way we jointly ensure that the fugitives do not have to come to Germany. When it is safe again in their home country, they want to return.

The refugees in the unofficial camps usually do not receive help from the UN because they are not officially registered in the large camps. They are therefore dependent on alternative aid. Shelter Now has spent about 1,150,000 euros on projects for refugee Esids, Christians and Muslims since 2014: in Raniya, Erbil and especially in Suleymaniya and Baadre. (Status: April 2023)

Please help us to take action!

Our help is only possible thanks to your support!

Humanitarian aid to refugees Esides, Christians and Muslims so far.

In more than eight years of our humanitarian aid in Kurdistan, we have been able to provide

  • Basic food and fresh fruit
  • Winter clothes, warm blankets and rugs
  • Drinking water and water filters
  • waterproof tent roofs
  • Radiators and fuel
  • live chickens and geese – also for breeding purposes
  • watertanks
  • and more to thousands of refugees. (Status: April 2023)
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