Since the beginning of November, more than 250,000 Afghan refugees have been deported by the authorities of Pakistan across the border to Afghanistan. Refugee camps are razed to the ground with bulldozers. The Pakistani government had previously announced that it would send the 1.7 million unregistered Afghan refugees back to Afghanistan. After the deportation of the more or less “volunteers”, a humanitarian catastrophe is already looming in the border region of Afghanistan – especially as the displacements continue.

The country, shaken by mismanagement and natural disasters, is unable to provide the arriving masses of people with anything close to the basic necessities. These desperate people have neither shelter nor food and are dependent on outside help. For many, returning to Taliban territory is an additional danger. More than 25,000 people had worked for Western humanitarian organizations before the takeover and now have to fear for their lives.

We would like to help as many of these displaced families in Afghanistan as possible in this acute emergency situation. We are collecting donations for this and ask for your support.

You can participate here. Purpose: Project 9000 (displaced Afghans from Pakistan)

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