The massive earthquake in Turkey and Syria has left millions of people in great need. We have called for donations and thank you here for all the support so far.

We are now working with experienced partners to provide effective help to those affected.

In southwest Turkey (Antakya, Kirikhan, Gaziantep, Adjaman), we support a program that:

  • serves about 8,000 hot meals a day to earthquake-affected people (pictured above).
  • Zelte und andere vorübergehende Unterkünfte (“Shelter”) aufbaut
  • distributed further urgently needed relief supplies

However, our main support is supposed to go to Syria.

Many people fled from their villages around Aleppo to the city after the quake, hoping to find help there. An experienced partner organization (AvC International), with whom we have worked in Syria for years before, is currently setting up an interesting program there:

They take families off the streets and give them temporary food and shelter; meanwhile, their homes are repaired and made livable, if possible. In the first phase, they will restore 30 houses, providing shelter for up to 50 families. The whole thing costs an average of 1,000 euros per family.

Additional activities in other regions of northern Syria are being planned and managed by our team in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region in northern Iraq. From there, a small team has just been in Syria for a week to plan relief programs together with earthquake-affected people. The team also distributed relief supplies there.

There are reports that cholera has already broken out in some places. We were given water purification tablets, which we are currently transporting to the earthquake area.

We will report on further activities in more detail later.

The need in the earthquake areas is overwhelming. We still need support.



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