All of Afghanistan is now under Taliban control. In fact, there is a new government. Thank God there has been no massive bloodshed in the capital so far, and we all are hoping that it will not come to that.

Some of our 40 or so projects in the country are continuing, while others have been paused for the time being. We’re waiting to see which ones we can get going again. After all, the new government has made promises and is asking NGOs to continue their work. If the commitments are met, we will be able to continue our projects. We also implemented major projects under the former Taliban government 20 years ago.

We are concerned about the people in Afghanistan. About supporting them in all necessary areas as best we can. This task of ours is not finished yet. We do not give up.

Our almost 40-year work has not been in vain: we have ensured the survival of many people through food distributions, about half a million Afghans live in houses built with our materials, several dentists have been trained with our help, children and young people have received education and training, hundreds of thousands have permanent access to clean drinking water, and much more. Much of this happened before, much during the first Taliban government, much in the 20 years since.

We are grateful for further support.



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