Shelter Now officially approved by the new government.

“We are all relieved and happy that our longstanding work in Afghanistan has received the approval of the current government!” Says Georg Taubmann, International Director of Shelter Now. To this end, the new Minister of Economy has published a letter officially approving Shelter Now and asking it to continue the interrupted projects. The Taliban government guarantees its support.

So, in addition to the widows’ literacy program and the center for the deaf, we have now been able to reopen our elementary school – for boys and girls. At the same time, we reopened our main office in Kabul. Our international colleagues are still out of the country, but we are grateful for our long-term and well-trained local employees who are able to implement these projects

However, we never interrupted some projects, such as food distribution for over 370,000 hungry people in Herat, the orphanage project in Faizabad, and others.

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