Since 2014, thousands of people have been living in Essian Camp near the city of Baadre in northern Iraq. These Yazidis have been driven from their homes in the Sinjar Mountains by the horrific violence of the “Islamic State.” Because it is still dangerous there, most of them cannot return at the moment. In addition, there is a lack of a livelihood, as much has been destroyed.

In the camp, the refugees live in very simple, small houses, many still in tents. Drinking water is filled for them in simple steel tanks that are elevated next to the tents or on roofs. Several of these water tanks have become dilapidated over the years, and rust has formed in many places. As a result, the water quality deteriorates, many tanks are also leaking. A vital human right is seriously limited as a result. Everyone has the right to access clean drinking water.

Now 375 families are happy about new tanks and the now uncontaminated drinking water. A year ago, 150 new water tanks had already been installed in the camp by Shelter Now.

Many thanks to all who made this support possible.

Image: Newly installed drinking water tank at Essian Camp (behind it an old, still intact tank).


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