Heavy rains in recent weeks have led to catastrophic flooding in Pakistan, with almost a third of the entire country under water (Source: AFP). Numerous people have become homeless and are being left with nothing. Nearly one million houses and thousands of hectares of farmland were destroyed. The Pakistani government has asked the international community for help, saying that they are overwhelmed by the extent of the disaster.

Hanook Hashmat, Director of the local relief organization AGAPE Trust in Pakistan on 29.08.2022 on the current situation: “More than 30 million people have been affected by the catastrophic floods in Pakistan. The situation is worsening as heavy rains continue to cause further flooding and the destruction of many homes. Shelter Now has already distributed food and is planning further major emergency relief efforts to provide for those most affected.”

Shelter Now worked with its own teams in Pakistan for over 30 years until 2014. After the last major flood in the summer of 2010, Shelter Now provided effective assistance. Already since July 2022, we have been implementing emergency relief projects together with a local partner organization that distributes food, tents and household items and provides basic medical care.


To help these people we need your support. Please donate with the keyword “Flood Relief Pakistan” or “Project no. 7007”


Afghanistan also experienced significant flooding at the same time, with fatalities and many homeless. We plan to help about 400 families here. Donation keyword: “Flood relief Afghanistan” or “Project no. 6007”

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