Just two weeks after the terrible earthquake in Afghanistan’s Paktika and Khost region, Shelter Now began providing humanitarian assistance.

250 affected families have now received food and tents. Our outreach team has been hard at work doing research on who the most needy are, what they need most – and sourcing the appropriate supplies. These were distributed in an earthquake-affected region that is particularly remote and where no one else is working.

A television crew was present at the distributions. The story was on the news in Afghanistan. You can see a clip of the broadcast here.

In total, we want to help 1,000 families, starting with food and tents. As soon as we have collected the necessary donations, we will continue. An aid package for a family costs 250 euros.

However, winter comes at some point – quite early in this mountainous area. There are so many houses that are completely destroyed. We want to help the families rebuild their homes and include earthquake protection in the process.

Please make donations for emergency aid with the keyword “Emergency Earthquake Relief” or “Project 6002”.

Donations for reconstruction of destroyed houses with the keyword “reconstruction houses” or “project 6800”.

We thank you for all the support.


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