In Central Asia, people with disabilities, e.g. deaf people, have a hard time finding adequate work to feed themselves and their families anyway. This problem has been greatly intensified by the corona pandemic. Many were suddenly completely without income and starved. We even learned that some of them had started eating grass! For us here hardly imaginable.

Of course we could not ignore the request to help them. 20,000 euros were needed for food distributions. Half of it was kindly provided by a fellow organization and the project was launched. In the meantime we could transfer 17.500 Euro.

We have received the first feedback in the meantime, the aid recipients were completely surprised and often moved to tears. Some thought they had to give something in return, they could not believe that this was a gift, simply motivated by Christian charity.

On behalf of the aid recipients we thank all supporters from the bottom of our hearts.

Update February 2021: In the meantime, we were able to transfer another almost 20,000 euros for Winter Aid. From this money blankets, winter clothes, firewood, etc. are bought and distributed to about 300 families.

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