People with disabilities are often socially excluded in some Central Asian countries. Thus, they have particular problems finding work to support their families.

The pandemic has dramatically exacerbated this problem. Last summer we received a call for help: some of these deaf people were so starved that they had started eating grass. Our partners were able to distribute food packages to them with our financial support.

Then came a harsh onset of winter. Many had no firewood, no winter clothes, no warm blankets. So we tried to get funding to help them. In the meantime, blankets, winter clothes, firewood, coals, small gas heaters were distributed – plus other individually needed items.

A mother of four deaf daughters was about to take her own life in desperation, but was stopped in time by a daughter. Shortly after, our team came and brought them the much needed help. Everyone was amazed and said that they had never experienced anything like this before. They could hardly believe what was happening here; the thanks were tearful.

Deaf girl receives winter clothes

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