Since the Taliban took power, more and more people are starving in Afghanistan, currently about 23 million according to official estimates. That is far more than half of the total population.

The new authorities have asked us to continue all our projects, including food relief. For years, we have been supporting a total of hundreds of thousands of people with food, especially in Herat, Kandahar and Kabul. We have stepped up this support in recent months. We distribute food packages to:

  • 5,600 internally displaced persons, mostly from the Chalou ethnicity in a camp in Kabul
  • 200 fled families of widows from Pandjshir (about 1400 people) whose husbands were killed in the war
  • 450,000 starving people in Herat province by mid-year – this project is implemented in cooperation with the United Nations World Food Programme “WFP”.
  • 3,500 people from the Hazara ethnicity this month
  • further planned: 7.000 displaced people in Kandahar – for this project we want to raise about 100.000 Euro.

Tens of thousands of people who tried to find shelter there before the takeover live in Kabul – without any support.
We want to help as many as possible.

A food package consists of 50 kg of flour, 10 liters of oil, 24 kg of rice, 7 kg of dried beans, 2 kg of tea leaves, 5 kg of sugar and costs 95 euros including distribution costs.


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