Glimmer of hope for oppressed women

Who would have believed that this course could be revived under the Taliban! It is a miracle and due to the hard and persistent work of our project manager. He tirelessly went to the authorities and advocated for the right of widows. The fact that the school is held in a place where only widows live with their children made this possible – female teachers and students in an environment without men.

Nevertheless, there is a bitter pill: we are not allowed to offer the 150 widows of the first course a continuing course with the teaching material for grades 4-6 as planned. The current rulers must first Islamize the teaching material even more and rid it of unwanted Western influence. But they agree with the material of the course for level 1 (1-3 grade). That is why now even 200 instead of 50 widows will attend level 1.

Currently, the four teachers are busy selecting the new students. They also go to the neighboring villages of their “Sharak-e Mustafa” settlement and try to find women there as well who may attend the course.

We are still waiting for final approval from the government, but everything is set to go for the female teachers.


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