Since the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria on 06.02.2023, according to current information (as of 22.02.2022), more than 48,000 people have died, far more than 100,000 people have been injured, some of them seriously, and these numbers may increase. Many people have been left homeless by this disaster. In southeastern Turkey alone, more than 1.2 million people have now been housed in emergency shelters.

Any help is now urgently needed. Shelter Now has experienced partners in the earthquake region who have been working there for over ten years, for example in Kobane and Aleppo, but especially in the villages, which often receive no, too little or too late support.

Many thousands of people no longer have a roof over their heads. Additionally, it is freezing cold. They need warm clothes and socks, pampers, blankets, soups, baby milk powder and food as soon as possible. Thousands are currently fleeing from the cities to the countryside and trying to find shelter with friends and relatives. People are traumatized and suffer from panic attacks, while aftershocks still occur.

Some of our employees are currently traveling to the affected areas in northern Syria to get an idea of the situation and to initiate initial relief projects and plan others. They are also accompanied by a trauma therapist.

The relief supplies can all be sourced in domestic markets. Therefore, cash donations are the most efficient.

A tent for a family costs 75 euros.

Five blankets cost 36 euros.

Five winter sleeping bags cost 63 euros.

A package for one family (tent, blankets, food and hygiene kit) costs 150 euros.

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