On Tuesday morning, April 19, a cruel and inhumane attack was committed on Abdul Rahim Shahid High School. Journalists are suppressed from publishing and are not allowed to report on the real extent, but according to our information, three explosions killed at least 148 people, most of them children and young people, and at least 60 were injured, some of them critically.

There are terrible photos circulating on social media that we can’t publish here.

The school is located in Dasht-e-Barchi, a Kabul neighborhood in the west of the city, where mainly Hazara people live. Hazara belong to the Shiite branch of Islam and are repeatedly oppressed by extremist groups. Many Hazara live in extreme poverty. Exactly in this district we distributed food a few weeks ago (see news of 04 March).

A mother: ” In 2016, my husband was killed in an attack. In 2018, I lost my daughter in the attack in Mauood Academy. Today, I lost my last child in Abdul Rahim School.”

The people in Dasht-e-Barchi know us and have asked for help. We will help them: They need food, some also money for medical help. We will provide at least 259 families (about 1,813 people) with basic necessities. This will cost us about 35,000 euros.


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